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A tribute to following

Dear Skip,

Greetings from India!  I just finished your book and enjoyed it very much.  While many of the stories were familiar, the details you added provided additional insight.  Your story and journey of responding to “call” and making a difference was inspiring.  Your description of the learning process at Agros was also a good lesson, especially the importance of listening to the people in the communities.  The “essentials” chapter was excellent; they enamored me from the first meeting in the old offices and in your home.  What came through the entire book was your commitment to the values that are reflected in you and the Agros family – following Jesus, facilitating participating and relationships.  While most of us would support them, living them out in real life and through an organization is a real and often very difficult challenge.  I hope that others who read your book will be inspired to realize that apathy is one of the biggest barriers in this world and like you, every one, in some way, can engage with the poor and bring change.  And finally, as you state, with your beautiful example of the tapestry, God uses all of us, if we are willing to submit, and our stories to weave an amazing and living message of hope and redemption.  Thanks for sharing your story.

Un abrazo,

Greg Rake

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